5 Steps To Opening Your Relationship
Presented By Laydee Vee & Dee Black, Sexperts & Relationship Coaches

Society teaches us to settle down and find “the one”. But what if loving only one partner isn’t the perfect fit for you? Join Sexperts Dee Black and Laydee V of DVpassion for an in depth conversation about open relationships. Spend 45 minutes in conversation with DVpassion as they delve into the intimacy of their open relationship and become inspired by how they make it work. Learn what open relationships look like, how they are lived out, and how to approach the topic of open relationships. This seminar is THE seminar for you if you’ve had any ideas about being in an open relationship.


Dee H. Black and Laydee Vee are no strangers to the Sexual Positive Community. As a married couple of over thirteen years, “Dee & Vee” has spent over a decade in a non-traditional relationship together.

Through their hard work and dedication to the lifestyle, DVpassion Love Experience, LLC was formed in 2009. By sharing this personal knowledge and expertise, Dee & Vee has helped hundreds of other couples and individuals to confront the challenges and obstacles they were facing in their own bedrooms. Dee & Vee are not only able to relate to those they coach but they provide a blueprint to allow people to follow their passions for greater love experiences. DVpassion’s consultations are highly sought after, and the business has grown to include individual and couple’s coaching, workshops, public speaking, seminars, a national radio show and a sex positive clothing line. Their motto is “Your nut is valuable” as they each strive to make sex great again.

DVpassion Love Experience provides relationship coaching services that cater to both monogamous and non-monogamous relationships. By focusing on honesty, communication, empowerment and inclusion, DVpassion specializes in the mentoring and guidance of exploring adult sexual education including enhancing sexual experiences, swinging, open relationships as well as providing the tools needed to achieve the ultimate in sexual pleasure.

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