Awaken Your Senses
Presented By Jo, Sex Educator with The Pleasure Chest

All tied up and nowhere to go? We’ll show you ways to combine bondage, sensory deprivation, and advanced sensation techniques to broaden the breadth of your play. From the wonderfully sensual, to the wickedly sadistic; you’ll leave with ideas on how to tease and torment using full body restraint, intimate massage, temperature play, impact play, electro play and much, much more!


They might be physically small, but Jo’s big presence shines through when they are teaching. With style, creativity, and a nurturing touch, Jo helps people reach deep within to allow fantasies to come to life. They fully embrace the word “play” in their approach to BDSM, as their focus is on broadening the scope of sex and play, so folks can authentically explore their bodies and desires.

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