Backdoor Action – Anal Training & Safety

Backdoor Action – Anal Training & Safety
Hosted By Madam Carmen, ProDom, BDSM/Fetish Educator & Adult Producer

Join Fetish Educator and ProDom Madam Carmen for an educational seminar discussing safety protocols and techniques when performing anal pleasure, Strap-on, Pegging and proper procedures when cleaning and storing anal toys and equipment. This seminar is for couples and anyone who wants to introduce anal play into the bedroom.


Madam Carmen is a ProDom and BDSM Educator, the Founder of KINKNIK, a BDSM based event and Movement centered for BIPOC and LGBT+ audiences, and the Producer and Director of KINKNICKMEDIA, a BIPOC/LGBT+ focused Indie Adult Production company. Madam Carmen hosts an assortment of BDSM/KINK, based erotic adult content and runs a Mentorship Program for humans to help them navigate through the lifestyle as a Dominant on a more professional path.