Why Can’t I Orgasm? Unlocking Female Orgasmic Bliss

Why Can’t I Orgasm? Unlocking Female Orgasmic Bliss
Presented By EXXXOTICA’s Resident Sexpert, Tyomi Morgan

The female orgasm is powerful and rejuvenating, yet elusive for many women.  There are number of reasons why women aren’t reaching orgasm regularly, and the common denominator is trauma.  Join Exxxotica’s Resident Sex Expert and Tantra Practitioner in-training Glamazon Tyomi for a lesson in discovering orgasmic bliss.  Learn more about female sexual anatomy, explore the 11 ways women can experience orgasm, gain foreplay techniques for awakening her/their erogenous zones and discover the common blocks preventing orgasm.  This seminar is for the woman who wants to connect with her sexual energy and for the couple who desires to experience the nuances of pleasure through exploration.


Sexpert Tyomi Morgan-Najieb, better known as Glamazon Tyomi, is an International Pleasure Coach who reaches millions of eyes monthly through her social media platforms and written contributions across the internet. In 2011 after experiencing a shift in her modeling career, the Chicago native began her sex education blog with the intent to serve as the female representation for people of color within mainstream sexuality.  Tyomi recognized that people across the globe are having issues with connecting to their sexuality within their relationships, and desired to assist in bringing more love and light into the lives of others. Since her entrance into the field of sexuality, Tyomi has had many accomplishments including serving as the resident sexpert for and, hosting her own radio show on Playboy Radio, being published in collegiate Academia by McGraw Hill, hosting a two-year sold out tour domestically and internationally, and so much more. Tyomi has been featured on Comedy Central’s Tosh.0 as Daniel’s “Favorite Sexpert,” and her advice has been featured on several websites including Huffington Post, NY Mag’s THE CUT,,,,, and dozens more.  The Glamazon has been a guest on numerous podcasts including “The Nod” podcast on Gimlet Media and “Whoreble Decisions” and has appeared on radio shows featured on Clear Channel Radio, CBS Radio, Playboy Radio, Sirus XM and more. Tyomi currently serves as the resident sexpert for and continues to use her overt sexuality to educate the masses via YouTube videos. The Glamazon currently serves as Exxxotica’s Resident Sexpert and is currently studying Tibetan Tantra through The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education and will be a certified Tantric Practitioner by the end of 2018.

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