Cryptocurrency / NFT 101 For The Adult Industry

Cryptocurrency / NFT 101 For The Adult Industry
Hosted by Ben Fraden, COO of xxxNifty

A seminar going over the basics of Cryptocurrencies, NFTs and how the Adult Industry can benefit from both. This seminar will cover what cryptocurrencies are, what NFTs are and how both Adult Content Creators and Adult Industry Companies can profit from both. NFTs in particular are a very new and emerging technology that very few in the adult industry have taken advantage of, in which potentially millions of dollars can be made per creator/company, and this seminar will show you how to get this money! As well, this seminar will go over the basic benefits and education of how and why these technologies are beneficial to the adult industry as a whole.


Ben Fraden is the co-owner and COO of xxxNifty, an Adult NFT Marketplace and Cryptocurrency. Previous to the Adult Industry, Ben had roughly 10 years experience in the corporate market research world, of which his experience carries over into the adult and crypto industries in creating new strategies within the adult industry in particular for new revenue streams.