Debunking The Myths – Stepping Into Sexual Freedom

Debunking The Myths – Stepping Into Sexual Freedom
Hosted By Kari “Platinum Puzzy” Anthony

Join adult industry veteran and body positive advocate Kari “Platinum Pussy” Anthony for a seminar dedicated to eradicating shameful programming that causes confinement to help people open up to new enjoyable experiences of intimacy and sexual pleasure. This seminar will debunk the untruths and flagrant fiction currently present around sexuality and provide a set of tools to use to live within sexual liberation.


Kari “Platinum Puzzy” Anthony is 17 year adult industry veteran, body positive advocate and sexual freedom speaker. Platinum Puzzy is a well established performer, and trailblazer who has paved the way, creating many opportunities for BBW performers. She is responsible for the very first BBW awards show BBWFANFEST and live voyeur cam house now known as!