Effective Communication from a Dominant’s Perspective

Effective Communication from a Dominant’s Perspective

Hosted By Sir Leo, Professional Dominant

Many relationships, vanilla, and lifestyle suffer due to communication. It is common to hear people say, “communication is key,” but it is pretty rare for someone to explicitly point out what that may mean and what actionable tasks would look like. As a Dominant, and being in any aspect of the alternative lifestyle, one is forced to communicate more effectively. Thus, this seminar will discuss concepts, mental paradigm shifts, and actionable steps to communicate effectively.


Sir Leo, President of D.N.A Kinks and professional Dominant, has been in the alternative lifestyle space for 5+ years. Through D.N.A Kinks, his mission is to educate and facilitate people’s journey within the alternative lifestyle, helping them Discover, Nurture, and Accept their sexual desires, kinks and fantasies despite the shackles society places upon us all. Sir Leo’s hobbies include billiards and rollerskating.