Electrifying The Senses with Electroplay

Electrifying The Senses with Electroplay
Presented By Honestly Nae, Sexuality Professional

Touch can send shockwaves through the body. Imagine if that touch came with a literal shock. Electroplay utilizes electricity generated through an electric wand that can be conducted through a variety of attachments including the human body. This form of edge play can be exciting but can also come with risk. Knowing how to touch and where to touch can be the difference between an electrifyingly good time and a negatively charged experience. Join Honestly Nae to see how electric sensation play can be.


Honestly Nae is an innovator, educator, and Sexuality Professional dedicated to removing the stigma and taboo that comes from talking about and enjoying sex and sexuality. This work has allowed her to learn about and empower herself and she uses this passion to help others liberate themselves to become the sexual and human beings they desire to be. She is known for her dynamic workshops, kink and fetish practice, and sex-positive view on life and relationships.

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