Erotic Photography Hacks for Everyone

Erotic Photography Hacks for Everyone

Hosted By David Corey, Photographer

Whether you’re a swinging couple, an adult model, or a hobbyist photographer, most of us don’t have access to a photography studio or a cool abandoned building with lots of light to capture great erotic pictures and videos. Instead, we’re left to do our work (and our play) in more confined, sometimes uninspiring locales. Hotel rooms, private homes, apartments, or the occasional outdoor location. All of these can make it difficult to create great images.

This workshop will introduce hobbyists, pro photographers, and models to some go-to tricks in making a hotel room (and other spaces) “disappear” while amplifying the tonality and sensuality of the final pictures. David will cover such hacks as bodyscapes and tight body shots, silhouetting and window backlight, masks, and light prop use, adapting camera perspectives to suit the space, and how to shoot using mirrors and showers. He’ll explain how to map the room and choose the best angles, spaces, and corners before you begin. He will also use examples from his portfolio to describe the various problems faced in capturing images in tough spaces and the solutions to those problems to ensure that people of all experience and skill levels can get the best out of their images.