Fuckstrology: Sex Languages According to the Stars

Fuckstrology: Sex Languages According to the Stars
Hosted by Gigi Robinson, Life Alignment Coach & Astrologist

Everyone loves repping their signs especially when bragging about sex. But, did you know that your sign has nothing to do with your sexual language? The planet Mars is the ruler of the Fuckstrology playground. Learn your sexual aspects and how they speak your love language in the bedroom.


Who is Gigi Robinson?Fun, passionate, sensual, adventurous, in tuned, creative, raw, un-cut, sexy, and loving are a few things that will begin to describe her energy. I AM Living Aligned, was birthed in 2012, through her journey of opening up to the world, unapologetically. Her gifts are Activation, Life Alignment Coaching, Astrology, Card Readings, Sacred Sexuality, Liberation, Dream Pushing, Vibrational Healing, Body Imagine Healing, Music and Projecting. Gigi holds both a CL degree in Microbiology and a MS degree in Entertainment Business.

Gigi host several retreats in Atlanta each year, such as her Spring (April) Goddess Retreat & in (May), her Naturism “Nudist” Retreat. She also provides a spiritual journey to a group of powerful women, every year during the Summer Solstice (June) to New Orleans, LA for her Witches Brew Activation Retreat. Gigi spends over half of her year, traveling as a motivational speaker to several schools, colleges and universities. Gigi is an annual sexpert presenter at major conventions including the EXXXOTICA Expo, Sex Down South and Daughters of the Moon as well as conferences throughout the globe, speaking on topics such as sex, love, astrology and spiritual health. Gigi also host her own Living Aligned Radio-Blog Talk Radio and Living Aligned Media, covering Astrology, Love, Aligned Life and Sex Magic.