Gentle Hands – A Guide To Pleasing An Uncut Man

Gentle Hands – A Guide To Pleasing An Uncut Man

Hosted By Vince Biel, Director, BH Entertainment, Bachelor of Arts in History, Juris Doctor

Join BH Entertainment Director Vince Biel and BH Entertainment’s resident pleasure specialist Amy for a lively discussion on proper penis etiquette for uncircumcised penises. Learn how to handle the foreskin and provide pleasure to intact penises to prevent pain and discomfort. This session concludes with a Q&A session with prizes for the best questions.


Vince Biel is the owner and director at BH Entertainment, a company dedicated to the ethical production and realistic presentation of sexual content. He is a former US Army Officer and biomechanics instructor and operates a solo law practice. He is best known for ensuring everyone has a good time, on set and off. His favorite things are “bloodhounds” and “hardstyle.”