Living Your Best Life With Sex Magic

Living Your Best Life With Sex Magic
Presented By Davia Frost, Sexpert and Intimacy Coach

Sex Magic is about activating the powerful, sensual force within you that will allow you to create the mind blowing sex life you desire and to cultivate deeply intimate connections to live the fulfilling lifestyle of your dreams. So if you are craving more sensation and spirituality in your love making and carious about Tantra then this is the class for you! Learn how to activate your pelvic floor muscles to extend orgasms and increase pleasure. Explore how to move sexual energy throughout your body and use it for manifestation. Experience how to breath together and touch each other to create deeper sensations. Discover new erogenous zones to cultivate sexual energy, and more! This is a class for partners, and single people are also welcomed!


Originally from the Island of Jamaica, currently living in the Chicago area. Davia Frost began her journey at DePaul University, taking an independent study on Human Sexuality, with an emphasis on Women’s Sexual Health. She is now a Certified Sex Coach, Sex Educator, Sex Specialist and workshop facilitator. Davia Frost is Owner and Founder of Frosted Pleasure, which offers sensual classes, lectures, and coaching sessions worldwide. Davia’s work experience includes working with community health organizations, Pleasure Chest’s Sex and Adult Toy Specialist, Chicago’s Black Women’s Expo Sexuality Speaker, and contracted with a private High School corporation.

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