Male Sex Toys 101

Male Sex Toys 101
Hosted by Orlando Roye, Co-Host Of “Hard Or Soft” Podcast

Join Hard Or Soft Podcast cohost and sex toy enthusiast Orlando Roye for a lesson in all things male sex toys. Learn about the different styles of sex toys, their materials, how they work, how to use them to experience pleasure and how to care for them for longevity. This class is designed for people with penises to learn the basics of using sex toys for themselves in solo play and with partners.


Orlando Roye is a Jamacian born, New York native whose passion for advocating for more satisfying sex for all has led him to the podcasting space as the cohost of HARD OR SOFT Podcast, only podcast led by black men that focuses on sex positive convnersation from the layperson’s perspective. Orlando is a proud sex worker and sex toy ethusiast who enjoys teaching other penis owners how to extend their sexual pleasure with the use of accessories and toys designed for male pleasure.