Ms. EXXXOTICA Entry: She is Sam

Fun Facts: She’s always taller than everyone remembers her to be but short compared to Rocky Emerson hahaha.

Sam has the perfect balance of “no time for bullshit” and “let’s have a damn good time.” As a sterile woman, Sam lives happily and full of gratitude raising her animals and career instead of children. She’s a strong advocate for mental health and made a vow to always be real with those around her. Her choice to not take a stage name and bare her birth name of Sam plays into her mission of normalizing this industry and creating balance between work and personal life; she never wanted to have to become someone else in her career and owning her name was a huge part of the peace she found in camming.

Sam loves and cherishes this community so actively. She will research photographers for fellow models to ensure their safety, she will open her home or hotel room to make sure fellow Sex Workers have a safe space to retreat to during the hustle and bustle of events, she will guide you in a meditation that brings you back to your soul, she’ll flog you and put you up into the clouds, she’ll always strive to be a beacon in this industry and remind you that you too are a beacon. Now let’s all fucking shine.

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