NFTs for Adult Creators

NFTs for Adult Creators

Hosted By PolyAnnie, NFT Creator & Content Manager for xxxNifty

Taking control of your future. Erotic artist and Director of NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) Operations at xxxNifty, PolyAnnie, will share her valuable knowledge on earning with crypto-tokens. From taking control of your payment vehicle to protecting yourself from censorship, NFTs offer creators new choices in engagement and payments.

Get answers to your questions on how to diversify your income streams, migrate away from OnlyFans, and how to turn your fan base into a robust investment network.


Pioneering, practical, and problem-solving; PolyAnnie is a multidisciplinary artist, content creator, and token currency designer. PolyAnnie’s prosperous 15-year career is an impressive curriculum of performance art, fire and hoop dancing, body painting on a canvas, and laying stickers on metal in stunning layered order.

PolyAnnie’s most recent projects blur the lines between art, finance, and gaming. PolyAnnie’s use of crypto tokens as an art medium redefines the artist-collector relationship and turns her fan base into an investment club.

As the Director of NFT Operations at xxxNifty PolyAnnie aims to help liberate content creators from the vulnerabilities of censorship and overnight policy shifts of the credit card payment providers.