Don’t miss conceptual performance artist Nola Bunny and Michael Klimovich live on the Main Stage, sponsored by Chaturbate.

This performance takes you into a fantasy realm where our female character gives her body away. The performance begins with Nola on a chair by herself, seductively caressing her body. Michael enters the stage and walks directly behind the chair.

He touches her cheek, puts his finger in her mouth and gently grabs her face. Nola is excited and trusting. He then blindfolds Nola. Once he is done, Nola puts her right hand out. Michael takes her hand and helps her to her feet, to the right of the chair. He grabs her shoulders and guides her face toward his chest and her back at the audience. He loosens her corset then turns her around to unfasten the front of the corset. Michael lifts Nola up and places her in the chair, on her side. He feeds her grapes that are found on a small table to the side of the chair. Nola removes her skirt, revealing her chastity belt. Michael teases her with the key of the chastity belt, caressing her body with it. Nola stands up and passionately removes Michael’s top, he lifts her again and puts her back on the chair and unlocks the chastity belt.

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