Don’t miss conceptual performance artist Nola Bunny and Michael Klimovich live on the Main Stage, sponsored by Chaturbate.

This performance is an upbeat push and pull about a Lion tamer who must tame the beast as he attempts to seduce her. The performance begins with Nola siting on her stool, using her whip to command Michael, the lion, to enter.  As he enters the scene, he attempts to seduce her by  crawling between her legs.  She is getting turned on but to remain in control, she lifts  the stool up as a shield as she guides him to his pedestal.  She taunts him with a soft caress of her whip, while she has him sitting obediently on his pedestal.

The lion finds an opportune moment to unsnap her pants.  She opposes his advances by placing a collar on him and attaching a chain to it.  She then pulls him off his pedestal, places him in front of her stool, and sits down to unclasp her ring leader jacket, using him as a foot rest.  She then whips the lion and removes her bra in front of his face to further taunt him.  The act ends with Nola on top of the lion as he crawls off stage on all fours.

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