Pole Olympics Entry: Hennessy

Fun Facts:

I would say for someone who just started their pole journey last year I am very proud of where I’m at. I have competed in two other competitions and my first one I got 2nd place out of 12 girls, but also won a contract with Larry flynts hustler club. My second one was in Baltimore at the pole beast competition and I got 6th place out of 20 spots. I have traveled to different states & clubs to perform and tend to leave the crowd impressed with the tricks I know. I would love to attend this competition to push myself to compete in a bigger scene but also see what knowledge I can take home. I would like to be able to see what is expected to be acknowledged for my pole work so if not this day, in the future I’m able to return and take home first place. Hope you like my background of what I shared and I’m chosen!

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