Post Pandemic Play: Returning To Pleasure

Post Pandemic Play: Returning To Pleasure
Hosted by Tabz, Certified Health and Wellness Consultant

Join Sex positive advocate and Certified Health and Wellness consultant Tabz of The Naturally Kinky for a seminar dedicated to reentering play after the pandemic. This seminar is for all genders and couplings who want to know know how to connect intimately after being in 18+ months of isolation. Learn how to reinforce boundaries, discuss STI testing, how to combat performance anxiety and how to hold space for those who may not be ready for physical contact.


Tabz, a Certified Health & Wellness consultant, is the owner & creator of The Naturally Kinky, which focuses on self discovery through the basics of kink, bdsm, sexuality. Tabz shares informatiion for all ethnicities and bodies while centering her content on the often overlooked BIPOC community. Though the information of for all people of all bodies, BIPOC content/information is at the forefront as they are often overlooked. The Naturally Kinky has existes for 6 years strong and hold the mottol “Good friends make sure good friends are having great sex!”