Proper Hand Spanking aka Booty Tenderloin Activation

Proper Hand Spanking aka Booty Tenderloin Activation

Hosted By Daddy Heff, Professional Dom

Learn the art of pleasurable hand spanking with the king of debauchery King Heff. This seminar will introduce King Heff’s signature Booty Tenderloin Activation technique and provide the proper protocols for impact play. A demonstration is included in this seminar.


King Heff is a sexual enhancement product specialist from Charlotte, NC. A strong believer and promoter of positive, honest, & healthy sexual relationships, King Heff is the creator of Pink Heffs & Black Heffs; a line of all natural sexually stimulating supplement vitamins designed to help strengthen and improve the sex lives of both women and men. Unique in nature, the product line, which is comprised of the Pink Heffs Vagina Vitamin for women & Black Heffs God Dick Pill for men, offers individuals an organic option for intense, long lasting, intimate pleasure. King Heff aka Daddy Heff is also a Professional Dom who specializes in the Sensual Side of BDSM. He educates men/women/couples at The Sensual Art of Impact Play Seminar, through his private sessions as well as his seminars at the EXXXOTICA Expo. King Heff continuously uses the platform that The Heffs Lifestyle provides him to educate others about the importance of self-truth, self-love, self awareness, and sexual satisfaction.