Reclaiming Sexuality After Trauma
Hosted by Kasha Vannessa, Board Certified Clinical Sexologist & Bedroom Kandi Consultant

Join Clinical sexologist and Bedroom Kandi consultant Kasha for a lesson in reclaiming sexuality after experiencing trauma. This seminar focuses on teaching people how to use sex toys as assistive tools in the journey of relearning and healing the body after experiencing domeestic abuse trauma, reproductive trauma and others. Learn about the variety of products that can assist in regaining sexual power and pleasure.


Kasha V Johnson, known as The Autism MomPreneur™️ and CEO at Vannessa’s Pleasures, is a Certified Clinical Sexuality Coach, Exotic Ent Manager and Bedroom Kandi Boutique Independent Consultant. She’s been in the industry for 8 years now. What fuels Kasha is her passion for bringing positive impact to the lives of others in the sexuality realm. While she does this through her own personal experiences, knowledge and certifications; she is also tying in her journey as not just a mom but the mother of a child on the Autism Spectrum.

As a coach she helps individuals navigate their sexuality by working through things including (but not limited to):

• the colorful rainbows of trauma,
• abstinence / celibacy,
• sexual orientation, identification & transitioning,
• recovering from reproductive issues,
• spicing up your love life and
• sexual discovery

As a Bedroom Kandi Consultant she Edu-Tains her clients by teaching them about the use of adult toys and other pleasure and wellness products in a fun way that doesn’t feel like learning.

For Kasha being The Autism MomPreneur™️ is about combining the proud and active Autism Mom who became a entrepreneur in this industry as a means of providing for her family, while helping others as in an area that is often overlooked and taboo. She additionally offers a workshop series educating autism parents on how to discuss their bodies and sexuality with their children and adolescents who have communication barriers.