Main Stage

Roxy Revolution “H.W.C.” – Bendy Singing Performance

Roxy Revolution Sings H.W.C.

Scantily clad Roxy dramatically enters the stage, microphone in hand engaging the audience with the question “how is everyone feeling today? Happy? Horny? Maybe a little freaky? Maybe a lot freaky? Yea me too. As a matter of fact I’ve been feeling so frisky and good that it’s beaming from my breasts, I mean face. And when people see my cheeks always spread, these cheeks guys (points to face) mind out of the gutter! Just kidding keep it there, so my mind isn’t alone! Ha. When people see my glow they ask, ‘what’s your secret?’ We’ll I’ll tell you!!” points to Dj and says hit it. Song begins and Roxy sings to completion;

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