Self-Pleasure 101 – Masturbation & Squirting

Self-Pleasure 101 – Masturbation & Squirting
Hosted by Samia of Sex Essentials, Hands on Sexual Educator

Join hands on sex educator Samia for a lesson in female orgasm and squirting created for anyone who wants to learn masturbation techniques for vulvas. Learn techniques to recover sex drive during the post partum stage and how to strengthen and extend the consistency of orgasms. This class focuses on how to pleasure the clitoris, vagina and vulva.


Samia is the owner of Sexual Essentials, a company created to take a much needed unconventional & hands on approach to sexual education. Her workshops are engaging, skill oriented, realistic & most importantly hosted in a 100% judgement free zone. Samia’s only goal is to help people create the sex life they truly desire.