Sensation Play – How To Engage All 5 Senses For Pleasure

Sensation Play – How To Engage All 5 Senses For Pleasure
Hosted By Holly Corbella, CEO, Life Coach & Sex Counselor

The human body is wired to experience pleasure through all of its senses. Tap into pleasure more deeply in this seminar led by Life coach and sex counselor Holly Corbella. Learn how to use your senses to experience pleasure in a more connected and expanded way, and take away several examples of how to apply her techniques in your everyday life.


Holly Corbella Started her Entrepreneurial Journey in her mid 20s. Holly joined an online in home adult party company and shortly after quit her 9-5 and started her own company called Parties by Bellas. Holly created a Sisterhood atmosphere others can join that is affordable, fun and empowering. Since then Holly has become a Business, Life & Sex Coach. She enjoys helping others make their dreams come true. Parties by Bellas is always looking for Other motivated individuals to join.