Sexting 101: Tips & Tricks For The Sexy Chat

Sexting 101: Tips & Tricks For The Sexy Chat
Hosted by Elizabeth Dell, CEO & Founder, Amorus

Sexy communication is delicious and can unlock all our deepest desires with a partner. But discussing needs and boundaries can be tricky, especially in the digital tech spaces we all inhabit. This workshop led by Amorus CEO and Founder Elizabeth Dell helps breakdown some of the basics of good digital intimacy (aka SEXTING!), with fun exercises and flirty tips for delicious times.


Elizabeth is the CEO and Founder of Amorus, the intimacy app for partners. Amorus is making relationships sexier by making couples’ pleasure and chat more private, more inspired, and more DELICIOUS.

Elizabeth has a lifetime interest in sexuality and is a certified sex educator with a Masters in Public Health from UC Berkeley. Prior to Amorus, Elizabeth was a film producer, producing multiple indie features, including Destination Wedding, starring Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves.