Sexy Chat 101: Sexting & Sexual Communication

Sexy Chat 101: Sexting & Sexual Communication

Hosted By Elizabeth Dell, Founder, Amorus

Sexy communication can be hard (pun intended!). Few of us got classes in talking about desires and boundaries with our partner(s). Adding technology can make these conversations easier, but also more tricky. This workshop dives into intimacy and pleasure on our phones – with a framework and lots of delicious tips for great sexting.

Presented by Elizabeth Dell, Founder & CEO of Amorus, the Relationship Intimacy App. Amorus makes partners more DELICIOUS together, with games, tools, and chat designed for pleasure. Available on iOS.


Elizabeth is the founder of Amorus, the relationship intimacy app.  Amorus is on a mission to make pleasure and intimacy accessible to all couples, by making relationships SEXIER in their digital communication.  Elizabeth has built five successful companies.  She is a longtime film producer, producing multiple indie features, including  Destination Wedding, starring Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves.  She has a lifetime interest in sexuality and is a sex educator with a Masters in Public Health from UC Berkeley.