Social Media Marketing For Adult Entertainment

Social Media Marketing For Adult Entertainment
Hosted by MarQuis Trill, Marketing specialist, crypto investor and trader.

Learn how to grow and protect your brand from social media expert and content creator Marquis Trill. This seminar covers camouflage marketing, how to create quality content, the best websites and how to navigate the various social media sites on the web to maintain success. This seminar is for all genders.


MarQuis Trill one of the most influential people on the internet. Reaching Millions of people a month via social media platforms. His following is so diverse from celebrities, teenagers, politicians, businesses and influencers. MarQuis Trill has built a brand that is one of the most exciting, and fastest-growing in the entertainment, sports, tech, fashion, business industry. In 2019 MarQuis Trill beat out Kylie Jenner and every article published as the most viewed/read in Forbes. Showing promising success with 2 Million Followers on Twitter, 8 Million on Instagram and 500,000 loyal subscribers on youtube. His social media presence is so strong major media outlets like CNN, ESPN, FOX, TMZ, ABC reach out to him to use his content. Success has opened many opportunities to work with the biggest brands and celebrities in the world. MarQuis Trill is widely considered one of the industry’s most promising and powerful young executives in the cryptocurrency/entertainment/technology/social media world.