Strap 101

Hosted By Kaz, Sex Educator, TV Presenter, and LGBTQ+ activist.
Majic – Gender Equity consultant.

Strap 101 is an interactive seminar on all things strap-on. Here, you’ll learn what to look for when looking for your 1st strap on how to select a strap to add to your collection based on your needs and desires.
We’ll explore everything from topping to bottoming with the strap, self-pleasure, partnered pleasure, lubricants, communication, and confidence building.


Award-winning activist, musician and 2021 TED fellow/speaker Kaz is an established leader in the Kenyan arts and culture ecosystem. Kaz has had a lifelong passion for changing the way sex education is taught to young people. Driven by this passion and enabled by her media experience, she started The Spread Podcast.
The Spread is a sex-positive podcast that only exists because there is no comprehensive sex education in Kenya. Information about sex is rooted in negative consequences: HIV and AIDS and unwanted pregnancies. But while these are some real consequences, there’s a need to highlight all the positive things that can come out of healthy, informed and consensual sexual practices. The Spread provides a platform advocating for comprehensive sexuality and consent education in our academic institutions.


Majic is an internationally-recognized multidisciplinary creative with expertise ranging from performance arts, podcasting, life coaching, and gender equity consulting. Their gender-bending drag, contagious energy and dynamic stage presence has made them an unforgettable force throughout local and digital audiences. They have a successful track record in designing spaces, social media content, and programming that account for the interests, goals, needs and pain points of diverse audiences.