StripTease 101: Using Dance & Sensuality To Teasing Your Partner

StripTease 101: Using Dance & Sensuality To Teasing Your Partner

Hosted By Jody, PrHOEvocative

Dancing is vulnerable and sometimes intimidating, but it can be a fun and sexy way to try something new and tease your partner. Come learn tips and tricks from sex and masturbation advocate, and Chicago podcaster, Jody PrHOEvocative. “Some people don’t want to be embarrassed, but when you tap into what makes you feel sexy, that confidence is felt by your partner. Plus it helps if you know how you look and feel when you are doing things to turn your partner on.” Jody PrHOEvocative will teach you how to use your body to tap into your inner temptress (or tempter), making you feel sexy and sensual because we all know there’s a difference. Being sexy is about tapping into your sensuality, but in order to do that, you have to find what works for you. What movements are you good at? What are you comfortable with? How do you look? This class is interactive, so come prepared to walk away with some new tricks to use during foreplay.


Jody (Preferred pronoun: Freak H*e) is unapologetically provocative and that’s what her audience loves the most about her. She is bold, wild and honest and uses this superpower to engage her audience and make them comfortable communicating their sexual needs and desires. She believes that communication is one of the keys to an amazing and healthy sex life. She leads by example through openly discussing her own experiences and the experiences of others to guide viewers on how to improve their sex life. “Life’s too short not to have orgasms, so let’s talk about how to get you there.”