The Siren Effect – Tapping Into Divine Feminine Energy

The Siren Effect – Tapping Into Divine Feminine Energy
Hosted by London Bridges, Spiritual Advisor and Intimacy Coach

Join Intimacy Coach and movement specialist London Bridges for a guided lesson in tapping into your sensuality and divine feminine energy. Learn several techniques to awaken the divine feminine and walk more authentically in balance and bliss. This is an interactive movement class made for all able bodies.


London Bridges is an Atlanta based Burlesque Entertainer, Sensual Healer, and Erotic Coach. A native of New York, London has been a dancer for 10 years. Through dancing, she discovered her gift of healing through sensual movement and decided to share her gift with the world. She is the founder and creative director of The Siren Effect, a community of sensualists offering a therapeutic safe space for WOC to heal and express their sensuality freely. The Siren Effect provides self love workshops, Tea Parties, and burlesque shows.