Think You Know Foreplay? Sensation Play for Beginners

Think You Know Foreplay? Sensation Play for Beginners
Presented by Carnivale Risqué

We can all use some more tools in our erotic tool box. Learn how to use your senses to heighten and lengthen your playtime. Join Tank and Ellez of Carnival Risque for an interactive class dedicated to foreplay and sensuality. Learn what Sensory Deprivation is and how to use it to improve your play, as well as how to use temperature play in a good scene. Let Carnival Risque instruct you in how to apply different textures to the body and learn their effects, and why smell is so important to creating a mind blowing scene. Come into this seminar with a curious mind and your senses heightened.


Tank and Ellez co-Owners of Carnivale Risqué LLC. travel internationally performing and giving seminars, lectures, and classes on all aspects of Sexuality, Fetish and BDSM lifestyles. As Sexperts they use their 20+ years of experience in the BDSM community along with Tanks MEd in Human Sexuality to assist others to embrace, explore, enhance, and empower themselves.

They have taught and performed at Fantasy Fest in Key West, FetishCon in Tampa, and are the official Kinky educators/performers for Bliss Cruises and Share Nation Swinger Lifestyle traveling with them to Holland, the Caribbean, and Mexico.

Carnivale Risqué exists to Enlighten, Educate and Enhance the lives of others through an artistic and fun expression of sex positive education, performances, services and products.