Wax It Baby: Lessons In Beginner Wax Play

Wax It Baby: Lessons In Beginner Wax Play

Hosted By Mister Solomon Abrams

Wax on Wax off. Gain a fun and basic understanding of how to use wax for kink and sex play from the warlock of wax Mister Solomon Abrams. Learn what wax to use, how to practice safely and how to remove the wax from the body after the scene ends. This seminar is for all genders.


Solomon Abrams A Chicago Based AfroErotic Photo Expressionist, BDSM Educator & Self Proclaimed Sensual Knotologist (commonly referred to as a rigger), Author, Tantric Energy worker Multi Disciplined Service Top & BDSM Dominant for Hire. Mr. Abrams has begun learning the discipline of sound therapy energy. Mr. Abrams began on this journey in 2012 learning Shibari as a means to stay competitive as a photographer, and has since grown to be an internationally rope bondage rigger known for his work larger bodied black women. Solomon’s use of bold and vibrant colors and breath taking imagery has been inspiration for many Black kinkster to explored erotic macrame as a form of kinky expression.

Mr. Abrams feels the Black voice has a place in fetish work and sees this art form as a way to “express and showcase Afro Erotic as a form of beauty and self love and self expression. Solomon Abrams has appeared at numerous events over the years. ROPECRAFT, Missy Kings Luau & MLK weekend, Weekend Reunion and FUCKCATION to name a few. HIS art can also be seen in the World Famous Baltimore Playhouse.