You Stick Them Where?: How To Use Cucumbers For Vaginal Cleansing
Presented By Gigi Robinson, Astrologist, Life Coach & Sacred Sex Educator

Cucumbers are life and can be used in the vagina for cleansing and pleasures! The vagina has an ecosystem all its own and there are several ways to help assist in maintaining its balance naturally. Learn all about the benefits of the cucumber, about vaginal and penis pH and how the cucumber can activate the skenes gland for squirting. Cucumber Cleanse Healing video: CLICK HERE


Gigi Robinson is an activation life coach, specializing in astrology, sacred sexuality and spiritual health & wellness. She spends half of her year, traveling as a panelist and as a seminar presenter for major platforms, sharing her experiences and knowledge on sex magic, and the power of incorporating holistic tools such as astrology for emotional balance and wellness. Gigi has a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology/Clinical Lab and a Masters in Entertainment Business. Her company IAMLivingAligned created in 2012, is an activation community providing sessions, retreats, and social events to assist those looking for non-traditional ways of emotional health and healing.

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