Premium Exhibitors

Premium Exhibitor: Experience

What is “Experience“? Experience is a party, a gathering, a get-together of gentlemen life-seekers, and Experience’s bewitching female companions; the kind of quality females you want to spend quality time with. Indeed, the core of Experience is the enlivening experience with Experience’s rapturous companions who seek to gratify your sensory sensations sensationally.

Experience is also life, for life, in the end, is an experience – What type of experience do we experience in life, now, that’s the question, such question answered by our choices. “Experience”, has catapulted the experience of life to a fresh and uncharted plateau. Life, in a word, lived to sublimity. Your experience of life shall surpassingly surpass even the deepest recesses of imaginings to elevated splendorous change.

Experience manifests bi-monthly on Thursdays, in Manhattan. More specifically in a magical two-floor wonderland with private rooms of contentment, spacious floors, and a smoky wood bar.