Premium Exhibitors

Premium Exhibitor: Shockwave Customs

Shockwave customs is the leader for automotive customizing in the Chicago and surrounding areas for the last 20 years. Shockwave customs is a family owned and operated shop, treating all customers as one of their own. Ranging from the worlds most efficient speakers in sound quality, mobile entertainment, custom fabrication, suspension, and high performance cars we are a one stop shop to get any automotive needs complete.

2009 Corvette (Shockwave Blue Demon)
This car has been built and redone from ground up. It started its life as a bone stock corvette z06 and after years and countless hours of blood sweat and tears it is one of the most sought after cars in the show circuit.. With a supercharged 7.0L pushing out 863HP to the wheels, and a newly re-geared transmission using the same gearing ratios as the world renown Bugatti Veyron, makes this corvette one that hasn’t been beat with its top speeds of over 260 mph verified by speed channel in Toronto Canada. After turning an American icon muscle car into a complete redesigned super car, the rest of the car was customized with an all black and blue suede interior with diamond stitch, along with an all fiberglass and painted rear trunk that mimics the sexy exterior lines and curves of the car,, and the worlds most efficient and crystal clear audio system that will put listeners into a catatonic state from the euphoric sound from the shockwave pro audio line.

2004 BMW M3
The M3 has been one of the staple cars of shockwave since 2004, where it got its fame from the EA games Need for Speed Most-Wanted, which the game was created around the M3. After 3 engines, 2 transmissions, and half a dozen rear-ends, this 633 HP BMW has been the unicorn of the streets and one of the most photographed cars around.. The Shockwave M3 features a dynamic exotic paint scheme, making the car look like its moving while standing still.

2001 Porsche (The Redhead)
The Porsche is a car that resembles sex on wheels. This is one car that was built to look beautiful and pure, with its swooping lines and compound curves and a Ferrari Rosa red paint job makes this show stopper next to none.. The sexy little red head has been all over the country winning best of show and best in audio purity, including but not limited to Daytona spring break nationals, DUB and HIN. When she rolls on to the show floor it as if time stops and she’s the center of attention.

2016 Corvette ZO6
This corvette is a track ready show car. With 650hp romping down the track and then parking and opening the hatch where 4 – 10in woofers and speakers shooting out the rear create a parking lot nightclub experience.

2015 Camaro ZL1
The highest trim level of Camaro built to combine retro with modern day twist. this Camaro looks as if the devil him-self built it